India's best tech brains are set to prove their mettle in the global tech arena!

With an aim to find the best teams to represent India on the hottest global technology reality show, Capgemini Super Techies Show 3; we held a nationwide hunt for India's brightest tech minds. We started off with a case study challenge that required candidates to work out a cracker of a digital plan that implemented appropriate technology architecture to deliver maximum revenue and actionable insights. The problem of spiralling revenues that needed to be revived through digital channels was a typical one faced by most retailers, but we were looking for unique solutions that went beyond the obvious.

With over 8500 registrations, we saw interesting solutions from brilliant minds across the best colleges and participation in almost equal measure from senior working professionals. It was quite a challenge for our judges to thoroughly go though each solution and evaluate it for being data driven, focused on ROI, and implementable in short timelines. But they did; and it was an incredible experience for them too.

As a result, finally we have them!

Here are India's best techies who are now all set to give the global teams some serious competition: